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  • The Advent is rocking the place @ The Advent DJ SET, Egg London London England, Sat 24 Mar https://t.co/kqm63aGMO3 #gigs

  • Jeff Mills A.K.A. 'The Wizard' testing out a new track made by Steve Rachmad/Sterac and me in FABRIK Madrid! Sounds… https://t.co/4IcA3lqH0v

  • Ahead of my return this Saturday I recorded an exclusive podcast for Egg London.. Includes tracks & remixes by... https://t.co/y1rpYpTWKW

  • New Gigs in Barcelona, Vienna, Guimarães, https://t.co/GteVTmJWcN #gigs

  • RIP : Stephen Hawking.. He did some vocals on my earlier Electro releases.. here's one.. Another Planet...... https://t.co/SwxX80AkN6