VA - Warehouse #001
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Warehouse #001

The Warehouse releases are our own label sampler series and with this first instalment we pay homage to our fellow countrymen with four tracks coming exclusively from Greece.
The one and only Axel Karakasis lets the games begin with the sinister workout that is “Pagan”, rolling things out with the bass coming down heavy and the mystical vibe going strong. Christian Cambas is up next with the trademarked galloping bassline and cheeky samples, only coming up for air during the apocalyptic breakdown.
G.Pal pushes the gears back with “Lush”, whipping out some tasty synth work and intricate percussion, while the crackling rhythm section stomps away amidst a misty haze. LFCs bring the affair to an end with haunting chords taking center stage, the sub-bass bubbling under the loopy drums and spacious effects setting the tone.