Wehbba - Red Shuffle
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Wehbba - Red Shuffle

Evolution marks its second release with elegance!  “Red Shuffle” boasts of expertly polished techno beats delivered from the Brazilian techno ambassador Rodolfo Wehbba and Bristol based dubspeeka in the remix duty. Wehbba’s productions have seen him become a firm favorite amongst the DJ elite .He has been working the crowds for a decade now and this single is an undoubted proof of his quality production skills!
The original’s juicy bass is blended with classy percussions to set the tone, weaving into a looped synth riff to form the track’s unique driven groove. A cleverly manipulated repeated vocal chop comes in and out of the arpeggiated melody gently knitting a hard-to-forget techno twister!
dubspeeka gives us a stripped down version transforming “Red Shuffle” into a deep breather. The percussive elements adopt a more minimal approach giving way to eerie pads and synths all driven by dubspeeka’s signature bass line. All elements are laced in a circle around the triton chord riff keeping our interest high just before he drops back with his clear warm bass and kick. No fancy stunts, no tricks no gimmicks just pure deep techno thrill!